Ars Poetica

the muse forgodsakes!
Eve of Summer Solstice 2003

Eve of summer solstice. the sound of rain on saturated streets like the hum of violin strings
Driven indoors to play with my things
And I dance while I fold the laundry
And sing while I do my chores
I will always laugh, stumble and spill things
The exhuberance of living! We are complimentary
You hold the string to my kite and i nudge you
I dance when I fold the laundry
And sing my songs

I promise not to be like any woman you have known
And if comfort is being untouched and unmoved
I will relish discomfort and break through to peace
I sing when I wash the dishes
And I smile thinking of you

Rain washes the window, soft and serene
Opposites attract and find the mean
What is done from love is always right
I dance when I am happy
I sing from my heart

sand strains, yearning
for the tide. clouds
roll in a blue sky.

a moment, eyes locked
sky embraces the horizon
before sunset.

I must stand steady when the wave breaks over my head
tho i can hear its rumble and feel a great wind in my hair
i am not afraid. small creatures at my feet
scurry about already anticipating some force gathering
at the horizon. waves at my feet
sometimes cold, sometimes dark and briny, sometimes clear
and warm and i welcome them all. sometimes i think "should i run?"
but i do not. shall i risk injury to my comrades here? the small wounds already heal. tsunami that bends the sky. i feel the mighty wave the swell primorial, deep and profound i must be here, waiting, when the wave breaks over my head or, perhaps breaks my heart................8/02

Odds Maker

Only the curious have, if they live,
A tale worth telling at all.
Alastair Reid

There has always been for me the choice
Of tailored pants, demitasse cups, well choreographed
Cocktail parties and the conventional wisdom of ordinariness.
Predictable accomplishments strung on a perfect alabaster neck.

But I am a daughter of Eve, the first adventurer
Eternally curious, confounded by an apple
What I know of truth I am sure of.
The gift of hope and curiosity. That gift
Is the price of that gift.
Childish awkwardness I would
Wish to hide but pell mell I cannot.
Galileo did not experience an absence of fear
He conquered it. As did William Blake who
Danced naked in his garden and
Mendal who dissected the idea of an idea.

Vision that leads to venture
Trusting the Great Work of God
He was the first optimist
To make primordial lemonade of
Formless fecund lemons.
Looking at the grain of sand I see a world
When I can skip or dance I do.

This world is lousy with danger and bad luck
Trust and compassion twin doves with broken wings
From pernicious forces of fear and secrecy
I see and feel angst, I do. I chose to stride past it too.
Foolhardy or idealist, eternal optimist like God
I am curious to be this person that I am
How the tale will unfold-
Possibilities sparkle like pearls in the sun.

As clumsy and brave as I feel.
The road I have chosen or was chosen for me
Is the greatest adventure I will ever know
The high road, the winding road is my way home.

Obtuse. Its just a scale of measure
Pain to pleasure, certainty to the unknown
Why the unknown must be a cavern full of fear
I do not know. The game, the gamble
Is the moment of focused living and forking roads
Dammitt I cannot express it.

The edge of the woods is balanced by the sun
At my back. It must be physics that put in motion
What wants to live and grow. The cage becomes
Too small and the struggle begins.
The observer becomes small.
The great struggle that is living and light.

In the economics of certainty and the
Physics of restraint I am a scientist
Hell bent on discovering the key
To matching the force to the reaction
In an energy exchange that will be
Fusion, not fission.


River runs, river runs deep in an honest heart
One sure thing I know I have seen the part
Where the water rushes in and out
I cannot express how impressed
I am with an honest heart

Strong will forges gold in the character
The man who thinks things through
Not tossed by waves of popular opinion
I bow to the owner
Of an iron will

Rarest gift of generosity freely given
Surely I have bathed in the radiant gifts
Enveloped myself in the great grace
Noted moments of generosity
As numerous as grains of sand

Compassion that asks no reward or notice
(Too often misunderstood through a darker lense)
So quietly expressed like soft footprints in
The snow of whispered human needs
A glimpse into human holiness

Finally modesty, the binding virtue
Transmutation of experience into sage wisdom
The blindness of Tireseis that allows
Goodness to be so innocent
That it is goodness indeed

And so dearest friend as human as you are
(And imperfect you would insist)
These are the most precious character traits
In my personal list
This my proof that I do not flatter
Just restating what really matters....