life wishlist

the ultimate wishlist...
What I Want /Lifes Wishlist

Have a sunny porch to sit on
Have enough space to paint
Live near a place to walk
Love and be loved
Welcome friends and family place
Work that makes me feel valuable
Talents that make me feel special
A best friend/partner
Freedom to run from pain
Not too much freedom
A job that is no more than 40 hrs week
A job without any boss or few bosses
Work that uses my mind and hands
Work that uses my writing and research skills
Work that utilizes my inborn curiosity and investigation
Work that involves people
Work that does not profit vice
Access to interesting people/places/things
Work environment that is not unhealthy (sitting stasis)
Environment with turnover
Home that is peaceful
Home that is secure
Minimum chores lifestyle
Adequate free time
Pet(s) maybe
Lang/instr on list
A work environment w/o persona
Job with flexibility/career with options
Job with challenges and recognition
Job that is portable if needed
A few good friends
A neighborhood I can settle into
Preferably walk to work
A fireplace
Time/energy for projects

(revised 2000, 2002)

"all i want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air...with one enormous chair oh wouldn't that be lovely.."